We are an investor and operator.

We know each other like no other.

We know ourselves in running facilities for seniors, medical centers, spas and hotels. We combined our knowledge to create a place of residence for seniors and their families as on vacation.

Appropriately placed funds.


The senior market is a very fast growing sector of the economy. Having regard to the dramatically aging population around the world, particularly in developed countries, today we meet the expectations of the market and senior citizens themselves.

Adequately tailored to the expectations, preferences, and financial possibilities, we prepare investment products and services in the senioral and tourist areas.

Senior Medical Home Global Care is a group of qualified professionals actively working for over 20 years in the following areas: spa, senior, hotel, medical, rehabilitation, spa & wellness, event animation, finances and investments.

A senior business is not only an idea and investment, but most all a well-thought strategy and law business housing, that is why
we support senior investments at all stages of the project.

Due to the huge demand for senior services and consequently high, stable and constant occupancy of centers, SMH products
are safe investments based on proven solutions and the real estate market.

Money is just a tool
for a better living.

Funds. Funding.

We invest and we give investment opportunities. Our Funds give the opportunity to safely multiply entrusted means based on real estate,
that is, a property with increasing value in the area of an extremely dynamic, perspective and stable senior market.

Senior Medical Fund retirement programs give the opportunity to invest in your secure future based on a subscription with the
involvement of small, periodically paid funds for the future purchase of your own senior unit or/and additional senior services. With relatively low monthly expenses during 10-15 years, there is an opportunity to secure yourself with a worthy and confident future without any investment or speculative risk.

The SMH Global Care Group operates in several areas closely related to the senior market:

Senior Medical Home – senior houses with total medical and care-residence services.

Senior Apart Home – comfortable, independent apartments in senior complexes with an access to a full spectrum of senior and medical services.

Spa & Pearls – medical spas, as well as SPA & Wellness centers for visiting seniors families and guests in SMH complexes.

Medical Clinics Stay – medical clinics, which are specializing in the treatment and permanent rehabilitations, in the fields among others: injuries and rehabilitation of motor organs, cardiology as well as circulatory, metabolic and other issues.

Senior Ready Estate – housing estates with the perspective of connecting to the SMH care system based on the nearby SMH center. Intended for families and seniors.

Multigenarational Estate – comfortable settlements in unique locations, with nature surroundings and full functional facilities (multi-functional fields, playgrounds, grill sheds, access to water) with premium, family and senioral houses, connecting multigenerational families and relatives close to each other, with a present or future access to SHM complex with full senior and medical services.

We provide residents for a working business.

Acquiring residents and guests.

Booking system vacancies gives the possibility of flexible selection of facilities for residents and visitors, giving optimal occupancy of particular centers and diversification of target tenants. Cooperation with insurance and retirement funds from many countries gives unlimited access to the SMH offer  and ensures a constant influx of new rentiers and guests.

The additional development of the booking platform prepares the group for the growing demand of the seniors’ market and their families for access to the clearly defined offer of senior services.

Numerous centers located in various European countries allow to make a free choice and move residents between centers – internal tourism.

Taking your brand to the next level.

Management of complexes for seniors.

The operator’s activity of SMH Global Care is based on many years of experience in running senior centers, spa and wellness facilities, health and medical resorts on European markets for retirees and guests from around the world. The connection of knowledge and experience from several areas guarantees the residents a higher quality, differentiation and making the stay more attractive. Cultural exchanges, activation and animation carried out for and together with older people, build and strengthen positive relations between them, guests the staff of the center. The adopted strategy and synergy effects result in increased integration of older people with their families and relatives.

Taking into account the specific cultural, regulatory and purchasing conditions of the residents, a coherent management system was created.

The use of the latest and proven technologies as well as intelligent devices and software ensure security and constant control over the demanding residents.

Activity zones, thematic groups, rehabilitation, spa elements, walking areas, outdoor gyms, gardens, parks, grill sheds, concerts and other cultural events as part of multi-generational integration cause that the stay of retirees and their families feels like on an eternal vacations within comfortable autumn life.

Partnership offer of a stable business on a dynamically growing market.


Are you the owner of a plot in a unique place?
Do you have a hotel or a guest house?
Do you have capital, which you would like to invest and take part in managing your senior facility?

Based on long-term and proven business construction and management models, as well as the access to the market of service buyers, we are able to direct your business to completely new paths leading to a safe future.

We will help you develop within our proven concept under the well-known global brand.

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